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We build orchards

Fruit Master under the brand Fruit Master Orchards advocates, influences and educates farmers to preserve their orchards in the most efficient way. Our staff has the expertise, skills and tools to help you build long lasting orchards using state of the art technologies and using high quality planting material imported exclusively from European countries. In order to create the plant inventory locally, Fruit Master has developed a 200 Kanal nursery for J&K Horticulture Department.

Solutions We Offer

Over 40+ years of experience, we are committed to build the robust orchards for you. We provide complete modern orchard development solutions (HDP). Our pre-harvest services include

Modern Orchard Development

We are pioneers in development of high density modern orchards.

Orchard Advisory

We provide timely advisories on orchards & crop protection for high yield.

High Density Nurseries

We develop certified virus-free nurseries of high yielding & top quality fruits.

Automation & Analytics

We deploy tools & technologies to monitor complete crop cycle.
Fruits have been grown by humans for thousands of years, but modern fruit production is cutting-edge work. From defending crops against environmental and pest-related pressures to developing new apple and rootstock varieties, those who fail to improve the techniques in their orchards will be left behind in the wake of early adopters to beneficial advances. We aim to be among those leading the way and want to work with others who desire the same.

Modern Orchard Development

We provide complete Modern Orchard Development (High Density) solution for our growers. Our team offers a complete package to develop a fruitful and profitable orchard, starting from design, planting, technical inputs and maintenance services. We believe that orchards are an investment for the future and should therefore be established with care and the right expertise so that they produce healthy and bountiful harvests year after year. Our services include:
Plan your orchard with us, and realize the power of transformation!
  • High Density Nurseries

We import high quality certified virus-free rootstock of various fruits from European countries. We have developed a 200 Kanal model nursery for J&K Horticulture Department in order to plan root-stock and in turn create inventory of plants locally. We have a huge selection of commercially viable apple trees to suit a wide range of climatic conditions, altitude and land type. Our trees are healthy and true to type. These apple saplings are produced on different clonal rootstocks such as M9, M26, M7, MM111 and M106

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About Our Company

Fruit Master is one of the pioneers in the supply chain industry providing one-stop services to the farmers including cold storage facility of 12000 MT. From farm to fork- we have it all covered for you. Growers first, we believe in People, not Profits.